hunt of africa’s big five: the elephant


nikon d800, 110mm, f4, 1/640sec, iso200

in africa, the term “big five” was coined by big-game hunters and the most difficult animals to hunt on foot. these are the lion, cape buffalo, rhinoceros, elephant and leopard. these animals were chosen for the difficulty in hunting and the degree of dangers involved rather than their size.

in our travel, the elephant was first spotted in our list.

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you’ll never know when the lighting will strike


nikon d800, 24mm, f2.8, 30secs, iso400, mounted on tripod

it was our last evening in the camp before heading back to reality. i was hoping to get some star trails that night but the weather was unpredictable. it started to drizzle and my chances of getting bright stars in this dark landscape became nil.

and then, it was a blessing in disguise.

the rain stopped and we went to our usual campfire gathering before supper. i looked up the sky and noticed the thunderstorm from afar. i quickly mounted my camera, used our fireplace as foreground, opened up my shutter for 30 seconds, and hoped for a good glimpse of lighting. after a couple of shots, a glimpse of electric discharge was captured.

the flock


nikon d800, 32mm, f8, 1/320sec, iso200

it was almost midday when we got tired of waiting for the wildebeests and zebras to cross the mara river.

at the riverbank, i saw the passing convoy on the other side of our vehicle also searching for the crossing. it was a perfect moment for me with the animal herd and fluffy clouds as background.

shot by nikon d800, 24-70mm lens with lee 0.9gnd filter attached.

the flight to masai mara


nikon d800, 110mm, f8, 1/640sec, iso200

there are two ways going to masai mara: driving by road or flying in. since driving from nairobi to our destination would take 5-6 hours, we could not afford to lose precious time and decided to book a flight.

we had to stay for one night in nairobi in order for us to get to the mara and we arrived late afternoon. transferring from jomo kenyatta international airport (jkia) to wilson airport (wln) might take hours due to traffic. domestic flight timings happens only in the morning till early afternoon and travelling by road at night is difficult.

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it began in africa


nikon d800, 50mm, f8, 1/640sec, iso200

after months of preparation, we traveled for the first time to the dark continent. in the early days (and current), the place is known to be harsh and dangerous place that only brave explorers dared to venture. we thought we’re not gonna make it due to the recent events in kenya but we risked and boarded the flight!

in the coming days, i will post more about our experience at masai mara: the wildlife and its people.

the photo was taken in the middle of nowhere at naboisho conservancy after we landed from nairobi. while our driver and guide prepped our lunch under the acacia tree, i ventured a few meters and captured one of my first discoveries depicting the harsh landscape. an old carcass of water buffalo rests quietly in a serene yet beautiful landscape of masai mara.