the shining light

nikon d300, f5, 1/50sec, 14mm, iso800

after the top shot in my previous post, i walked towards the east wing of the main prayer hall. based on various sources, the sheikh zayed grand mosque was described as a fusion of arab, mughal and moorish architecture. the carpet you see in the photo is currently the largest in the world which measures 7,119 m² and weighs 47 tonnes.

the number of visitors were already increasing by the minute and getting a shot without people was critical. instead of waiting to let them disappear, i waited a little longer to get a silhouette shot against the bright window/door. the ray of light was just a bonus.

lesson of this shot: patience is a virtue even if you can’t afford to have it.

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  1. Salma Raul

    i am continuously reading your posts about this great mosque. Your posts regarding this mosque are really becoming very exciting. The fusion of arab, mughal and moorish architecture implemented in this mosque has really made it a master piece. I am anxiously waiting for another post regarding this mosque. What if you also place a close pic of this large carpet(if any) because i have personally visited this mosque and the design of the carpet is mind blowing. Looking forward to read more from you. You are really running one of the excellent blogs i have seen for Dubai information

    Posted 12th October 2010 Tuesday at 4:44 pm | Permalink
  2. thanks for your time in visiting my posts. i’m glad that you liked it. i will post a few more when time permits. :)

    Posted 13th October 2010 Wednesday at 8:47 am | Permalink

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